Your No Limits Recruiting Solution!

We make recruiting smart and easy

  • Putting you back in control
  • Using our high quality, no limits approach to build your team
  • When you engage our services we will NEVER set hiring limits
  • We provide one-on-one consultations to help you achieve your goals
  • Fill your leads no matter the volume
    • Save time and money so you can focus on high value activities
  • Dynamic consulting with continuous evaluation & improvements based on an ever-changing job market
  • Customer service and phone support available on your schedule
  • Create an avenue for long term growth and success
  • We are your buffer to avoid time consuming and/or low productivity functions
“Necessity is the mother of invention”
- Plato

Gary started Top Tier after years in the sales industry from a place of need, personal and professional. With the support of friends and family, Top Tier was born from the ashes of a previous career, and a need for a premier insurance recruitment agency to actually do what they say: Interview all candidates prior to our agents investing their precious time meeting them.
Top Tier works for our clients to save them time and money. We create an organized process to bring a high volume of candidates to overcome the industry standard of a 50% turnover rate.
Top Tier excels in doing things agents just don't want to do.
Our two week process condenses what most agents spend 6 months to a year doing. We Prep/Vet™ candidates while doing all the heavy lifting in the recruiting process including setting up initial interviews, so you can run your business.
Most people don't realize that it takes 40- 60 hours to get one good candidate to come onboard and stay. What is your time worth to you? We allow you to focus your time on working to develop your business, not the mundane drudgery of recruiting.Top Tier was created to bridge the gap between the agents' current state of being in need of staff, to where they want to be: Having the staff necessary to run a successful insurance agency.

What we Do

For many business owners there are never enough hours in the day.  By taking the burden of recruiting off your hands we can help you focus on high value activities that allow you to achieve higher levels of success.

  • We take your compensation package, pay and benefits, and work with you to create a plan that will be appealing to potential candidates. Be willing to work with us and make adjustments, the market is changing!
  • We  post jobs on various job sites to collect anywhere from 200-500 resumes of candidates drawn to your compensation packages.
  • We hand-pick the BEST candidates drawn to YOUR compensation package
  • Our team of real, US-based, HUMAN recruiters will call EVERY SINGLE PERSON who meets our qualifications to vet them for what they can and can't do, and prepare them for what this job entails.
  • After the candidates pass the phone interview, they will be placed into small group style interviews where they can show you, the agent, what they can offer in a real sales situation.
  • After each group interview, you will choose the best fit for your culture, and request those resumes.
  • We follow up with you to ensure that you connected with candidates and they are ready to go!

Anyone can put up job ads, but we take the steps to help you define your goals, hand pick candidates, and facilitate a straightforward, streamlined process to help you build your team.

Humans are Everything

We believe people are the most important asset.  When you contact us for your free consultation, we will help you define your goals and create a recruiting plan to fit your needs.  Our highly-qualified and experienced recruiters meticulously pre-screen and phone interview each candidate, setting us apart from other services who engage candidates with robocalls or overseas recruiters.

Nobody wants to work for a robot, so why would they want to interview with one?

Other recruiters send out automated voice messages, links to oversized group interviews, or spend 1 to 2 minutes on the phone with someone to only confirm their name and number. Is this an efficient way of gathering individuals? Sure it is, automation can work great if you don't care who shows up to an interview and are fine with a 30% show rate. Top Tier, on the other hand, believes that our 50-70% show rate is directly attributed to the skills and interactions of our real recruiters forging relationships with the candidates. This relationship-based recruiting provides a better hand-off to our agency owners. All recruiters are US-based, & work in our Spencerport, NY office.

Our Promise to You

  • No robocalls EVER
  • When you engage our services, we will NEVER set hiring limits
  • One-on-one consultations to help you achieve your goals
  • Save time and money
  • Fill your leads no matter the volume
  • Expert Coaching based on your needs
  • After Interview Reviews
  • We will help you facilitate long term growth

We turn that long recruiting process into about two weeks of your time, and bring you, on average, tripple what you normally would have in front of you.

Find someone that has 60-80% of the skill sets you are looking for and choose people that you feel would fit into your agency's culture. You want individuals to grow WITH your company while helping to grow it. Invest time and energy into staff, and they will stay because you have proven yourself to them and they have proven themselves to you.

Think beyond the narrow margins of the norm, and allow us to take you to that Top Tier! Remember: We do it RIGHT.